Friends Who Fete: How To Host A Polenta Party

Here's the thing: we'll take pretty much any excuse to get friends together and the standard holidays aren't nearly enough in our opinion. So, we're all about getting together as often as possible with Meg from This Mess Is Ours and Kate of ¡Hola! JALAPEÑO to have a dinner party. One winter party I'm super partial to is an Italian polenta party. 

Actually, it's a party you can throw anytime of year but we like the idea of lighting a fire and slow cooking up lots and lots of comfort food. Polenta parties are nothing more than a dinner party where you make an insane amount of creamy polenta, spread it out and top it with a bunch of braised goodness. In Northern Italy (aka ground zero for polenta), this is pretty standard dinner party and we think it's high time we do it more often stateside.

If you are a little lost and asking “what is polenta and what is polenta made from?” We’ve got you covered. Polenta is a dish that is made with cornmeal and other grains. Sometimes it is baked or boiled, but it is a dish that can really complement anything since you can add ingredients to add other flavors, as well.

Truth is, the polenta is pretty filling so you don't need to go all out on the appetizers like we did. In all honesty, we think creamy polenta on its own can truly be a winner. But then we like to have a lot of flavor happening at our parties and all of these recipes make for delicious leftovers! And, of course, you'll want to include lots of toppings to up the flavor! We included both pesto and romesco sauce as well as loads of  pine nuts, roasted garlic, slow-roasted tomatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and top notch sea salt and olive oil for shaving over the top.

Here's what we served and how to recreate some of the best polenta recipes: 

How To Throw A Polenta Party | @saltandwindHow To Throw A Polenta Party | Polenta Party Spread | @saltandwind

Polenta Party Logistics


The truth is there really aren't many rules when it comes to a polenta party. The old school way to do this would be to pour the creamy polenta directly onto a wooden table and then top it with a braise or sugo. But I say do what you please! Pour the polenta on a long wooden plank like we did or even get wood slices and top with parchment paper for invididual servings. 


I'd suggest doing one vegetarian and one meat main so that everyone is satisified. Aside from there it's up to you. Of course, choosing slow-cooked dishes are best since they can be made a day or two ahead. Speaking of, I make the polenta a day ahead or morning of and then slowly warm it in a slow cooker, whisking in any water as needed to make it pourable but not soupy. 

Polenta Party Menu

Because it's midwinter, we wanted a menu filled with seasonal flavors. And, though the pesto couldn't be more authentic, we're not the most traditional cooks so we took some liberty with the recipes and California-fied the menu. Meg brought a light twist on a Spritz cocktail and Kate brought shredded barbacoa as the braised meat because she's always representing with the Mexican flavors. Here are all the recipes for the menu:

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Apple Basil Spritzer Cocktail Recipe @saltandwind


Apple Basil and Prosecco Spritzer Cocktail | This Mess Is Ours

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Appetizer Spread @saltandwind


Fontina and Prosciutto Puff Pastry Squares | Salt & Wind
Mushroom Ragout Agrodolce Bites | Salt & Wind

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Escarole Mandarin Almond Salad Recipe @saltandwind


Escarole, Charred Mandarins, Toasted Almond Salad with Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette | Salt & Wind

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Braised Barbacoa Polenta Recipe @saltandwindHow To Throw A Polenta Party | @saltandwindHow To Throw A Polenta Party | @saltandwind


Basic Creamy Polenta (We made 4x this recipe for our party, FYI) | Salt & Wind
Braised Chickpeas with Porcini and Tuscan Kale | This Mess Is Ours
Beer-Braised Beef Barbacoa | ¡Hola! JALAPEÑO
Creamy Basil Pesto | Salt & Wind
Slow-Roasted Tomatoes | Salt & Wind
Red Pepper Romesco Sauce  | Salt & Wind

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Blood Orange Mascarpone Recipe @saltandwind


Blood Orange Tart with Vanilla Mascarpone  | ¡Hola! JALAPEÑO 

How To Throw A Polenta Party | DIY Floral and Herb Wreath @saltandwind

DIY Mini Floral And Herb Wreaths

As you probably remember from our Day Of The Dead PartyMeredith made some serious gorgeous florals so we asked for her to help out this time too. She and Meg came up with these stunning (yet super simple) DIY Mini Floral and Herb Wreaths. And, as Meredith said, so long as you use herbs from the grocery store (ie not from the flower market), your guests can pick off the herbs and add them to their dish as they please!

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Polenta Plate @saltandwind

Shop The Party

One of the most fun parts of throwing these parties is that we all bring tableware and every time we find new gems. Here are a few we loved this go round:

Terracota Shibori Linen Napkins 
Rustic Linen Napkins 
Vintage Roly Poly Cocktail Glasses
Cheese Knives 
Dansk Kopenstyle Caserole

FYI, Meg had the cutting board custom made and then layered these fabrics for a makeshift tablecloth:
Pasadenaville Hand-Crafted Polenta Board 
Denim cloth
Mosaic Blue Linen

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Polenta Party Spread | @saltandwind

How To Throw A Polenta Party | @saltandwind

Other Travel-Inspired Parties

In case you didn't get the memo, Meg, Kate, and I really like to get together to throw parties. Here are a few past parties in case you need some entertaining inspiration!

The Ultimate Day Of The Dead Party
Hosting A Tamalada aka Tamale-Making Party

How To Throw A Polenta Party | Polenta Party Spread | @saltandwind

Need more party inspo? Check out the Friends Who Fete Instagram or find our other parties here! And, if you make some of the party recipes, use the #friendswhofete hashtag to share it with us!

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Photos by Salt & Wind and This Mess Is Ours

Florals by Meredith Ambruso; Produce provided by Melissa's Produce