Weekend Away: Jetting To Bermuda

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We hate to see summer end. Maybe because our summer bucket list always seems to run longer than the season. Or because we’re beach-loving, sun-seeking types who spend as much time as possible outdoors. But when summer wind downs, we’re in full denial. 

This year, instead of giving in, we’re on a mission to make it last. To extend our summer we want to head somewhere warm and sunny, but still close enough to play hooky on Friday and be back in the office by Monday. In our opinion, the perfect weekend getaway checks a few boxes: lots to discover, some serious pampering, quality food and drink and a laidback but sophisticated vibe.

We’ve got our sights set on Bermuda because that island is an ideal weekend getaway. And, seeing as it’s less than a two-hour flight from the East Coast, Bermuda is the kind of place you can escape to at a moment’s notice.

We’ve put together our Bermuda bucket list, and are determined to have one last summer hurrah. But, if you make it there before us, here’s what you have to do:

Weekend Away in Bermuda | Sailing in Bermuda @saltandwind

Set Sail (Or Learn To Sail)

The 35th America’s Cup sailing competition is heading to Bermuda in 2017 and it has inspired us to learn how to sail. Even if you’re new to sailing, there are plenty of classes you can take in Bermuda. If you’re looking for something more low key but still on the water, you could head out on a sailboat snorkel sesh or a sunset cocktail cruise. 

Dive To A Shipwreck   

Bermuda was founded as the result of a shipwreck in 1609 – a shipwreck that occurred smack dab in the middle of the now mythical Bermuda triangle. Over the years, there have been over 300 reported shipwrecks and each one has only increased our fascination with this corner of the world. As divers, we’re intrigued by shipwrecks because they turn into a sort of artificial reef and make for some interesting diving. Bermuda is also home to some of the healthiest coral reefs around, making the island a top-notch diving destination

Weekend Away in Bermuda | @saltandwind

Swim Away The Day At Tobacco Bay 

Because there’s no such thing as too much beach time, carve out time to head to Tobacco Bay for snorkeling, water sports and beachside drinks. Make a day of it on Fridays and Saturdays, when there’s a beachside bonfire once the sun sets. We don’t know about you, but that sounds to us like a dreamy way to end the workweek!

Hike (or Bike) The Railway Trail 

The island’s historic rail route was converted to a hiking and biking trail known as the Bermuda Railway Trail National Park. Over 18 miles, it winds through lush landscapes and along the coastline. There are no motorized vehicles permitted so the Railway Trail allows you to explore a quieter, more remote side of the island.

Weekend Away in Bermuda | St George Bermuda @saltandwind

Visit Britain’s Oldest New World Town

The island (or islands, as Bermuda is a collection of 181 islands, islets, rocks) is home to the Town of St. George’s, which is Britain’s oldest town in the new world. Established over 400 years ago when settlers headed for Virginia got shipwrecked, St. George’s gives Bermuda some serious history. So much so, that St. George’s is an UNESCO heritage site, which if for no other reason, you should visit to make your high school history teacher proud. 

Toast The Weekend With A Dockside Swizzle

We’ll admit it: Bermuda first caught our eye when we had our first Rum Swizzle (or maybe it was a Dark ‘n Stormy). These two timeless rum drinks both hail from Bermuda and you’ll find them served at almost any Bermudian bar. For a look into rum history on Bermuda, visit Goslings (or go on their sunset cruise), or head to the historic Swizzle Inn for, well, a Rum Swizzle! For more modern drinks with a view, make your way to the Dock at the Waterlot Inn

Weekend Away in Bermuda |Rosewood Spa Bermuda @saltandwind

Book A Spa Session

We’re of the work hard – play hard school so we like to vacation in places where we can pamper ourselves after a day of exploring. For our trip to Bermuda, we want to spend the afternoon at the Sense Spa getting a facial and a pawpaw (local papaya) massage.

Sip On Tradition At Bermudian Afternoon High Tea

One of the many things that makes Bermuda so unique is its mix of British history and island vibes and that’s especially apparent at afternoon high tea. High tea in Bermuda means you can have tropical treats like berries, rum cake or mango passion lollypops served alongside your loose-leaf tea. For a classic high tea, we’d make our way to the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Weekend Away in Bermuda | Tuckers Point Bermuda @saltandwind

Explore The Pink-Sand Beaches

Think pink when it comes to Bermuda and you probably think of two things: classic Bermuda shorts or the pink-sand beaches. The pink-sand beaches – the result of a combo of crushed coral, calcium carbonate and the shells of a tiny animal – are some of the most gorgeous we’ve ever seen. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach and Tuckers Point are good places to start.

Taste Test The Local Fish Sandwich

Yes, you’ve had a fish sandwich before, but Bermudians take their fish sandwiches very seriously. In Bermuda, the local fish sandwich is usually made with fried white fish served with tartar sauce on raisin bread, but each local has their own favorite version. If you only have time to have one, have it be Art Mel’s Spicy Dicey, which pretty much everyone agrees is seriously delicious.

Weekend Away in Bermuda | Bermuda Golf Course @saltandwind

Perfect (Or Start) Your Golf Game 

Bermuda has a very high concentration of golf courses per square mile – six courses over its 21 square miles – that means if there’s ever time to pick up the sport it’s there. Seeing as we’re major beginners, we’d need a lesson or two. Some extra motivation is teeing off at the legendary 16th hole at the Port Royal Golf Course, which is one of the most photogenic holes in golf. Nothing but a tee and the sea as far as the eye can see.

Discover Underground Caves 

The story goes that the Crystal Caves were uncovered by accident when some local boys were playing cricket and went in search of a rogue ball. What they discovered were underground caves that, by some estimates, are close to 30 million years old.  These caves have limestone stalactites hanging over a crystal blue subterranean lake and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves! 

Weekend Away in Bermuda |Tobacco Bay Bermuda @saltandwind

Have any others tips for Bermuda to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo Credit: Boat photo by Per Swantesson; St. George's photo by Gavin Hellier; all other photos by Kristen Kellogg