Five Favorite Pins: Apple Picking

Since when did it fall become an arbiter of cliches? Seriously—"sweater season," changing leaves, pumpkin everything—all these things rock, so what's with the aggressive eye-rolling? Why are we accepting the rejection of all the tasty, pretty, awesomeness of autumn? Well, we say don't accept it!

Take back the cliches, starting with one "trend" that's particularly delicious in every way: this is your official invite to come apple picking with us—come on, you know you want to!

Favorite Pins – Apple picking – orchard picking // Favorite Pins – Apple Picking – basket of apples // Favorite Pins – Apple Picking – cider making // Favorite Pins – Apple Picking – honey bourbon apple cider // Favorite Pins – Apple Picking – apple cider doughnuts // From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Apple picking
  2. Basket of apples
  3. Mulled cider
  4. Honey bourbon apple cider
  5. Yeasted apple cider doughnuts

Sources: (1. Local Milk; 2. Vanessa Lewis Photography; 3. Gardenista; 4. Hello Natural; 5. The Tart Tart)