Five Favorite Pins: Autumn In The Air

Say goodbye to the whites and hello to crimson and plaids: the first day of fall is officially here. The last golden rays of summer sunshine are fading, temperatures are dropping and we're starting to get excited about the changes that await our kitchens, closets, and cityscapes. Whether or not the climate of your city allows for a gloriously colorful season change, there's no denying the appeal of classic autumn imagery — forests of orange, red and gold; toasty sweaters paired with burnished boots and bags; hearty feasts of harvest produce with just the right amount of chill in the air.

Our Pinterest feed is crammed with crisp, perfect pictures and it took a lot of restraint to stick to our 5-favorite rule this week. Today we're raising mugs of apple cider (maybe spiked with a dash of whiskey, to keep warm) in a to toast to all the sights, smells and adventures we look forward to having this season!

Favorite Pins – Autumn – Walking through leaves // Favorite Pins – Autumn – cozy layers // Favorite Pins – Autumn – crostini // Favorite Pins – autumn – apple cider punch // Favorite Pins – Autumn – wool socks //

From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Autumn adventures
  2. Cozy layers
  3. Roasted concord grapes and hen of the woods mushroom crostini
  4. Apple cider punch
  5. The best wool socks

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