Five Favorite Pins: Summer Vacation

Summer's passing faster than we'd like to admit so we're on a mission to maximize every last ray of sun, and use every excuse to get out there and enjoy the season's sweetest experiences. It's also the month during which half the world seems to be on vacation so we thought we'd tag along -- that is with our five favorite pins this week.

We love the idea of taking a good old-fashioned summer vacation so we've got all the classics right here: a European vacation (Chevy Chase antics optional); a week at the beach; the iconic road trip; camping outside under the stars; and the all-American monuments-and-parks visit your parents always threatened to drag you along to as kids (and now you're totally wishing they did). But tell us, where are you dreaming of going before summer's end?

Five Favorite Pins - Summer Vacation - Europe // Five Favorite Pins - Summer Vacation - Beach // Five Favorite Pins - Summer Vacation - Route 66 Road Trip // Five Favorite Pins - Summer Vacation - Camping Under Stars // Five Favorite Pins - Summer Vacation - Yellowstone - National Monuments // From top to bottom, this week's pins are:

  1. Europe
  2. Beach
  3. Road Trip
  4. Camping
  5. All-American National Parks

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