Hibiscus Berry Aperol Moscow Mule Cocktails | http://saltandwind.com

Hibiscus Berry Aperol Moscow Mule Cocktails

Summer just might be my favorite season for cocktails. Maybe it’s all the days in the sun, that it’s wedding season, or that there’s always something to toast, but I’ve been...
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Tomatillo Bloody Mary Cocktails | http://saltandwind.com

Tomatillo Bloody Mary Cocktails

I’ve been obsessed with all things verde lately, ever since returning from my trip to Baja California, be it salsa verde or Aguachile Verde. So, naturally, when I created ...
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Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail

Remember when I talked up how Caipirinhas? Are you now cursing me for having talked you into buying a whole bottle of cachaça with no way to use beyond those Sparkling Raspber...
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Black Velvet Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Black Velvet Cocktail

It's the night for Irish brew and all things green, so sidle up and grab a Guinness. Or, if you're feeling fancy pants, order up a beer cocktail like a Black and Tan. If you're nostalgic,...
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Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Sparkling Sage Grapefruit Cocktail

You’ve probably noticed that we’re big fans of brunch — it’s one of our favorite ways to celebrate the weekend. As such, we’re always searching out new brunch coc...
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6 Cocktail Garnishes for Summer Soirees | http://saltandwind.com

6 Cocktail Garnishes for Summer Soirees

It's a long weekend and we can't wait to celebrate. If you're like us, you like to make things memorable so every last detail is planned. But that doesn't mean we're willing to spend hours pre...
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Raspberry Rosé Margarita Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Raspberry Rosé Margarita Cocktail

Two of our favorite summer drinks? An ice-cold margarita or a glass of rosé. So we figured why not combine them?!?!
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Campari Watermelon Cooler Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Campari Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

It should be noted that women who drink real, true stiff cocktails are always given a bit of a stare. I started at it when I lived in Italy. I'd order my grandfather'’s favorite summertime drink, a...
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Arugula Pineapple Daiquiri | http://saltandwind.com

Arugula Pineapple Daiquiri

Pineapple and arugula aren't really flavors I've ever thought of combining, never mind in a daiquiri. But I was more than convinced otherwise when I tried it at SY Kitchen on my recent day trip to&...
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Rosé Raspberry Lavender Spritzer Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Rosé Raspberry Lavender Spritzer Cocktail

Say hello to the cocktail that's quick to become your go-to brunch cocktail. Made with raspberry lavender syrup, lime juice, and Hangar 1 Rose Vodka, it's light, refreshing, and easy to make!
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Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler Cocktail

How to master holiday entertaining? Put a festive twist on a classic cocktail but keep it simple enough to make for a crowd. I turn to this Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler, a festive twist on...
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Say Hello To Our Very Best Fall Entertaining Recipes | http://saltandwind.com

Say Hello To Our Very Best Fall Entertaining Recipes

ISO what to serve at your next fall dinner party? These are the recipes we pull out for all our autumn entertaining from harvest dinner parties to Thanksgiving!
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Cucumber Basil Agua Fresca Cocktail Recipe | http://saltandwind.com

Cucumber Basil Agua Fresca Cocktail Recipe

There are drinks out there that are absolutely transporting – that help you press the pause button and slow down. This Cucumber Basil Agua Fresca cocktail is one such drink. 
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Hibiscus Berry Mezcal Ginger Margarita Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Hibiscus Berry Mezcal Ginger Margarita Cocktail

It's Cinco De Mayo eve, which means it's decision time, amigos! Which margarita are you going to make!?!? This year we're all about this smoky, tart, and sweet Hibiscus Berry Mezcal Ginger Margarita!
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Sparkling Pear and Tamarind Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Sparkling Pear and Tamarind Cocktail

This cocktai is a total wild card, which is all the more reason you should try it out. Tamarind is one of those flavors I use for Thai food or vinaigrettes but almost never in cocktails. I combined...
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Aperol Paloma Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Aperol Paloma Cocktail

Around here we like our drinks with an edge: sometimes spicy and other times just a tinge bitter. You're probably noticed that we use Camapri and Aperol A LOT when we want a hint of bitte...
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Spiced Cranberry Pear Bourbon Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Spiced Cranberry Pear Bourbon Cocktail

How we win at holiday cocktail parties? We choose one or two signature drinks instead of trying to be all things to all the people. This spiced, slightly sweet, and boozy cocktail is like the holid...
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Sparkling Raspberry Caipirinha Cocktails | http://saltandwind.com

Sparkling Raspberry Caipirinha Cocktails

Look, I don’t know if you have been to Brazil, but I felt it high time we discuss the best thing to come out of Brazil besides Caetano Veloso – the caipirinha. Though the original caipirinha is a d...
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Friends Who Fete: An Elegant And Easy Last-Minute Holiday Cocktail Party | http://saltandwind.com

Friends Who Fete: An Elegant And Easy Last-Minute Holiday Cocktail Party

You've invited your friends over for a last-minute party and now what? Here's everything you need from last-minute recipe ideas to super simple florals to put together a party that'll look like you...
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Tequila Spiked Horchata Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Tequila Spiked Horchata Cocktail

Homemade horchata gets spiked with tequila and coffee liqueur for a Mexican-flavored twist on a White Russian cocktail. 
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