Travel stories, city guides, travel tips, recipes, and more inspired by one of our favorite food places on earth, Spain.
{Bocadillo Antxón} Shoestring Fry Chorizo Egg Sandwich |

{Bocadillo Antxón} Shoestring Fry Chorizo Egg Sandwich

If I lived in Barcelona, becoming a regular at Entrepanes Diaz would be a life goal. Every detail at this 50s-style bar is thoughtfully executed as is their food. It's all about bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches) and I've recreated my favorite!

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Citrus Rosemary Spanish Gin and Tonic Cocktail |

Citrus Rosemary Spanish Gin and Tonic Cocktail

The Spaniards are pretty much killing it when it comes to Gin + Tonics. Yes, it's kind of random but when I went to Spain a few weeks ago to film Off Menu, I totally got it. 

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Crab-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers |

Crab-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Between the people, food, and culture, San Sebastian is by far one of our favorite places we've ever set foot. Very much Basque but still distinctly Spanish, one of the must dos in this seaside town is a tapas crawl. You'll see foods familiar to tapas in Madrid and Barcelona and other flavors that are 100% Basque. This piquillo pepper is a variation on the tapas bars and we now make it on the regular. 

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Ruby Red Cherry Sangria Cocktail |

Ruby Red Cherry Sangria Cocktail

Cherries, meet Sangria. Sangria, cherries. You guys will be best friends, I promise. I know so, because I’ve been pairing you for a few weeks now. Variations of this very drink have been concocted and I’ve been toting it about — from bike-in movies with friends to happy hour with my brother and even a celebratory birthday cheers. To say you’ve been well received doesn’t even begin to describe it because together you make for a subtle, not-too-sweet, but quite potent Sangria. The only problem? You’re almost too easy to drink.

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Spain Guide: 10 Places To Eat Now In Mallorca |

Spain Guide: 10 Places To Eat Now In Mallorca

When our Where To Travel Now contributor, Liza De Guia, said she wanted to visit Mallorca this May, we were curious. We've long had Mallorca on our list, but still hadn't made it.

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Where To Travel Now: May 2015 |

Where To Travel Now: May 2015

If there's a month when it's a good time to visit pretty much anywhere, it's May. The desert isn't too hot, Europe has started to thaw, and Japan still has some of its cherry blossoms, which explains why this month's contributors have got their bags packed and tickets booked. 

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{Coca Mallorquina} Mallorcan Flatbread with Spring Vegetables |

{Coca Mallorquina} Mallorcan Flatbread with Spring Vegetables

Have you been to Southern Spain? If so, you've likely heard of Coca. No, it's not a soft drink but a savory flatbread hailing from Mallorca. We're recent transplants from New York (we moved here to start a private chef business) and it's pretty much our favorite part of Mallorca (aside from the beaches, the people, and the history). At its best, a Coca is a crisp olive oil-dough topped with seasonal vegetables.

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{Pa amb tomàquet} Spanish Tomato Bread  |

{Pa amb tomàquet} Spanish Tomato Bread

Mockingbird Hill is a bar in DC and has unique flairs like pour-over coffee, punk music, and industrial decor. But, the owner, Derek Brown, is a self-proclaimed sherry advocate and has made Mockingbird Hill into a sherry and ham bar. The food is simple but well done and one of my favorites was his twists on the classic tapas bite, Pan Con Tomate.

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Breakfast Churros With Cinnamon Sugar |

Breakfast Churros With Cinnamon Sugar

The first time I tasted a churro, I was in Los Angeles with a friend and we stopped at a street cart selling Mexican food. The churros were amazing: sweet and sticky, crunchy outside and chewy inside. I had two orders and I made my friend take me to the same cart every day for the rest of my time...

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Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip |

Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip

 Inspired by the classic romesco sauce—roasted peppers, Marcona almonds, paprika, and garlic—this dip’s only problem is how addictive it is. Like any respectable spread, you quickly find yourself (and, let's be honest, I'm speaking from first hand experience here) using it any and everywhere, fro...

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Essential Basque Country Souvenirs |

Essential Basque Country Souvenirs

One of our favorite places to visit? Basque Country in Spain and here are the souvenirs we love to bring back when we travel there.

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Basque Country Mixtape |

Basque Country Mixtape

Imagine if your life had a soundtrack -- a musical score that would play as the day unfolded. One that would musically reflect where you were at any given moment and mirror the mood of the time, weather, and the company you were keeping. This week I'm exploring Basque Country and this is what I'm listening to.

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Exceptional Tomato Gazpacho |

Exceptional Tomato Gazpacho

Have you ever seen a sloth in action? If not, please block away some time towatch this video. If so, then you have a really good idea of the pace of life in California in summer. It was almost too hot to eat — which, for this girl, is saying a lot. Not even a salad would suffice because the whole...

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