Souvenir Recipes

Like edible souvenirs, these our easy versions of recipes inspired by a trip or a memory of eating on the road so that you can eat like a local even if you never leave home.
Celery Salad with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Walnuts |

Celery Salad with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Walnuts

Inspired by the open air markets in Bologna, Italy, this fresh, crunchy, simple salad of celery, walnuts, and Parmigiano-Reggiano is a favorite around here!

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{Zaleti} Cornmeal Currant Italian Cookies |

{Zaleti} Cornmeal Currant Italian Cookies

We love Italian cookies because they're simple to make, not too sweet, and always super interesting. These Venetian cookies known as Zaleti with currants, cornmeal, and almond liqueur are just that!

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Roasted Squash Tacos with Toasted Chile Peanut Salsa |

Roasted Squash Tacos with Toasted Chile Peanut Salsa

On a taco-eating trip to Baja California, I became completely obsesed with the tostadas at La Guerrerense. And every tostada was even better when topped with their salsa; it's a toasted garlic and peanut salsa that was hot, smoky, crunchy —  pretty much it was instant love. Since then, I reverse engineered that salsa and put it on everything from grilled chicken to seafood and, most recently, these squash tacos. 

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Chocolate Chunk Orange Biscotti Cookies |

Chocolate Chunk Orange Biscotti Cookies

You know that cookie recipe that's so tried and true you don't dare alter it? These chocolate orange biscotti are exactly that!

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Mezzi Paccheri Pasta with Burrata Cream, Guanciale, and Saffron |

Mezzi Paccheri Pasta with Burrata Cream, Guanciale, and Saffron

During our trip to the Tuscan countryside, we came across one of the most interesting pastas we'd had in a long time. Made with burrata, saffron, and guanciale, it's an easy pasta that's decadent and totally amazing. 

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Elderflower and Strawberry Parfait |

Elderflower and Strawberry Parfait

The easiest possible way to make the classic English dessert, the berry trifle. Taught to us by chef Peter Sidwell, this is our go-to recipe. 

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Raspberry Rosé Margarita Cocktail |

Raspberry Rosé Margarita Cocktail

Two of our favorite summer drinks? An ice-cold margarita or a glass of rosé. So we figured why not combine them?!?!

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Marinated Salumi Sandwich |

Marinated Salumi Sandwich

We'll admit it: we're major fan girls of Giada DiLaurentiis because, well, tbh, we feel like we relate to her. We too are from California, we too love all things Italy, and our cooking is very much inspired by both places. So it's no surprise that we swooned when we saw her newest book, Giada’s I...

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Makalapua Cocktail |

Makalapua Cocktail

It's hard to want anything aside from a classic Mai Tai when you're on Maui, we know. But then you'd be missing out on the super interesting drinks being mixed up by talented mixologists like this Makalapua cocktail by Aaron Alcala-Mosley. 

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{Tagliata Di Manzo} Seared Sliced Steak |

{Tagliata Di Manzo} Seared Sliced Steak

This is a very simple preparation, a favourite on the menus of trattorie or restaurants when a bistecca fiorentina is a bit too much but customers still crave a good steak. Like the bistecca, this is always cooked rare or, at the most, medium–rare in Florence. Served with a scattering of fresh ro...

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The Hugo Cocktail |

The Hugo Cocktail

One of my fave moments during my recent trip to the Amalfi coast was at the hillside town of Ravello where I spent a lazy day poolside. While there I tried these super light elderflower spritzes and I've quickly become a fan. 

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Strawberry-Tarragon Curd Toast |

Strawberry-Tarragon Curd Toast

A super simple but elegant recipe for a traditional French-style curd with tons of fresh strawberries, a hint of tarragon, this is perfect on toast, crepes, or served with scones.

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